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Wintergarden Balcony Glazing

Wintergarden balcony glazing provide a convenient way of adding space to your property. Frameless, opening & folding balcony glazing protects your balcony from rain, snow, wind, dust & dirt. A glazed balcony can be furnished and decorated for example as an addition to your living room.

Opening & folding balcony glazing consists of two horizontal aluminium profiles attached to the ceiling, balustrade & floor structures of the balcony. A sliding, hinged 6, 8 or 10 mm toughened glass pane is attached to the profiles. The first glass is opened with the lower latch. The glass can be locked in the ventilation position. Other glass panes slide & turn. When they turn, the hinges lock together. This way the panes can be opened completely.

In L & U shaped balconies, the glass panes can be moved past +90 to 270 degrees corners. The aluminium parts are polyester powdercoated to selected RAL colours. Lumon balcony glazing was the first in Europe to be granted a CE marking.

Defend Against Aging

Lumon balcony glass panes drastically reduce the effects of aging.

Tried and Tested

The following among other areas have been tested:
Aging, Wind resistance, Durability and all Technical and Safety properties.


All products made from extremely durable toughened safety glass.

Safety Glass

The breaking stress of 6 mm toughened glass is 426 MPa, while for ordinary glass it is as low as 150 MPa.

High-strength Surfaces

All corrosion is slowed and frost weathering is stopped completely.

Reduces moisture damage

Rusting of reinforcing elements is slowed by about a third on balcony side walls and by about 50% on balcony ceilings.


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